“I have never killed anyone, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.” – Clarence Darrow

Dear curious people,

Although this post is aimed almost exclusively at those of you who plan on attending the Dead Milkmen concert in Laurel Hill Cemetery on Friday, September 5th,…

Any of my Philly people should probably go to this show if they don’t have anything else going next Friday.

Rejected pitch


A six-issue comic, with a view to introducing a new hero into an existing canon. 

The economic crisis bites. Flinton, MI, was built on industry, and the industry’s gone, since by far the city’s dominant company took the stimulus cheque, attacked wages, outsourced more and more, then finally all, R&D and production overseas. Flinton, like so many other towns, is dying. 

An extraordinary figure in bizarre makeshift power armour the colours of rust and hazard-warning yellow has appeared, fighting burglars, thieves, drug-dealers, graffiti-taggers. Flashback: he’s Dan, an ex-worker in one of the high-tech heavy defence plants, horrified at the social breakdown, going through the many scrapheaps of the town and cobbling together his suit from industrial junk, trying to save his home. 

Dan smashes up a crack house, but while most of those within run, one stays and jeers at him, calls him a bully. Dan knows her: Louise was the union rep at his factory. He’s ashamed: he always liked her. They get talking. ‘You really want to do right by Flinton?’ Louise says eventually. ‘By all the other Flintons? Then quit messing with symptoms. It’s time to take down the real villain.’

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